Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brick wall

This is insane!

I should be packing a suitcase for my trip. I have dresses picked out by the readers of this blog. I have new clothes bought this weekend specifically for this trip. We leave in less than 48 hours. And yet, I can not get anything in that suitcase.

I can not decide what outfits to take, what tops to wear with what bottom. Jeans? Shorts? Skirt? Dress? Halter? Tee? Sweatshirt? Tennis shoes? Loafers? Sandals? The only thing I do know for certain? I will be taking my Kasey Kahne hoodie and hat. After that, I might as well be naked.

Then there is the list of things I still need to do.
*I need to charge my camera battery.

*Get the extra lenses.

*Get the cooler out, clean it up.

*CD's to burn pictures to

*New notebook journal.

*Books/magazines to read

*phone charger and bluetooth charger

On top of everything else, the girls have chosen this night to fight like cats and dogs. Newt's list of student names from her class is missing. She swears Tate touched it last. How is she supposed to do her Valentine's for school tomorrow without that list? I go into their room to look for it, and can't find the floor, once again. Can't see the top of the dressers. All of my missing towels are laying in a damp heap in the middle of their bedroom floor. No wonder Newt didn't have anything to wear today, all of her clothes are thrown all over that room. Anybody got a match?

Tomorrow the kids all go to their dads until I get back. I should have plenty of time to get it all done, but I know, I will be sitting here again tomorrow night, with packers block. I have to get my manicure tomorrow and tan one last time. I have to pay the electric and the water bills. I have to make arrangements to pick up my paycheck early and if that is not possible, have my mother do it for me.

And in the middle of this hubbaballoo, I have to remember to breathe. (OH SHIT!! THE TICKETS! Be sure they get packed!!! Wouldn't that be horrible? And Sharpies! We need sharpies for autographs.)

I need a margarita.

I need a vacation.


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Dixie said...

I know I always need a vacation after my vacation too!