Tuesday, February 20, 2007

She gets an A for Effort

Before we left on the trip, we had Batman's satellite radio installed so we could have his 'traffic bitch' and his 'weather bitch' wherever we went. (and damn, it was nice to have too) but that also meant we had Fox News Radio too. Since we're both news junkies, we listened to a lot of Fox News.

Unless you were hiding in a cave this weekend, you know that up until Friday afternoon, the talk of the town wasn't the War in Iraq, or who would be running for President. It was who's going to get Anna Nicole's body. Anna Nicole ad nauseum. Finally I looked at Batman and said, "Where's Britany, flashing her vajayjay when you need her?"

10 minutes later, there was Late Breaking News! The Pop Princess had checked herself into rehab! Way to go Britany! Tired of having Anna Nicole be center stage, Brit tried her damnedest to steal the spotlight.

When rehab didn't knock Anna out of the circus, Brit tried again, by leaving rehab 24 hours later! Gotta love my girl for giving it her all. Once again, the rehad rebound wasn't enough to change the topic of conversation from Anna Nicole to Brit herself. So, what's a girl to do?

Obviously, shave her head. (and am I the only one to make the joke now the curtains match the carpet?) What else can she do? That at least garnered some attention. But not enough to remove Anna Nicole from the spotlight. Of course there is much speculation about the why and the WTF behind Brit's stunt, but I know, it's really just trying to get the attention off of Anna Nicole.

As long as Brit doesn't hire Howard K. Stern as her atty in the divorce from K-FedEx, she stands a pretty good chance of surviving it.

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Chickie said...

I think your explanation of Britney's actions is right on the money. She just couldn't stand to be out of the spotlight!