Saturday, February 17, 2007

We're here!!!

We're HERE!

Finally got on the road around 4:15-4:30 Thursday. And drove to just past Nashville. (Yes, TN Becky I tried to call you that night to say HEY We're here! But your phone was off!) We got to Orlando last night around 6:30 local time.

It's funny to see everyone running around here in coats, hats, gloves, scarves when it's 47 degrees. I know that is technically cold, but when you leave 2 degree weather, 47 feels wonderful. So last night, Batman and I are crusin through town with tee shirts and jackets and windows down enjoying the 'heat wave' and laughing at everyone acting like it's cold.

Tomorrow is race day. Today, is play day. The most pressing plans we have is find a car wash. Batman has issues that his car has salt and snow residue on it and nobody else's does. So, after car wash, souvies, and breakfast, the day looms before us with endless possibilities. High today is supposed to be 62. Gonna go find me some sun.


Dixie said...

I'm so excited for you! Enjoy yourself!

Wish I were there!

B.R.M said...

Awwww..I missed your call! I am pretty sure I was working late - as I have been every night!

Hope you are having fun.

I am still cold here in Elvisland -but I am wuss.

Happy Monday.

Love, Tennessee Becky

Junebugg said...

Enjoy yourself! And 47 deg is cold, damn it!

Annoyed said...

64 sounds grand right about now...

Hell, I got excited to hear we'll be in the upper 30s in Jersey this week.

ajooja said...

Hope you had a good time. The highlights looked pretty exciting, even for a bunch of guys driving around in circles. :)