Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Reality? Anyone know where it is?


Am I the only one living in reality? Or am I the one living in the alternate universe?

Slug calls today, looking for a fight. Yelling at me the second I answer the phone, pissed off because the world has turned against him, and everyone is out to get him and it's all my fault. I am not only leading the revolution, I'm to blame for the shit.

It's my fault that child support enforcement is now garnishing his wages. Well, yeah, I guess technically I am the reason they are going after his check. I did make the phone call, I did request the order of garnishment. Never mind the fact that he's almost $1200 behind, and missed a payment and told me I'm not sending you any money this week, do what you have to do. Yeah, that doesn't factor into the issue. His wages are being garnished, and well, it's all my fault. He has no responsibility in the matter.

It's also my fault that the police were called this weekend. OK, yeah, that's my fault. I did pick up the phone and ask them what my recourse was in getting back property that belonged to my daughter and he refused to give back to her. Of course, it doesn't matter that the whole thing could have been avoided by him agreeing to give Tate back her earrings. Period. Still, all my fault.

And did you know, that it's my fault there have been 6 restraining orders filed against him in the three years since I was thrown out of our house? And yes, I did go to the court house, and fill out the paper work, and yes, I did swear before a judge that everything was true in those papers. But it is all my fault he has those restraining orders, because yeah, he's not psycho at all. He's always calm and rational, and reasonable, and the good parent. and yeah, I had my hands up the judge's ass like a puppet making him grant all 6 of those restraining orders. All of them.

Oh, and just to set the record straight. Batman did call Slug the other night, after Slug called B's parents. B told him, "Don't drag us into your drama. Don't call here again." Ok, in the technical sense of the word, Slug did not call Batman's house because Batman does not own the house. He called Mimi's house, and talked to Mimi, and thanks to the first amendment, he has the right to talk to who ever he wants to. Batman on the other hand, does not have the right to call Slug and ask him to never call his family again. Batman apparently isn't covered by the first amendment. Ok, the first amendment according to Slug.

So, apparently it's my responsibility to make sure that B never calls Slug again. "OK, then don't call him or his house again."
"I didn't call him, or his house."
And here we are back at technicalities. Schematics. Splitting hairs.

Then he wants to bring up me fucking around with his friends. Ok, hold it right there. I'm not even going to justify that with a response. The two issues on the table today, are 1. CHILD SUPPORT and 2. THE EARRINGS. Now, that's it. You can't go back through the archives of our life and drag out all the dirty laundry you want to bring up. I'm not going to rehash shit that may or may not have happened prior to the divorce. Two issues. Stick to them.

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that he asked me to bring him back a blonde with big boobs from Daytona.
"You would do, but you're involved with someone."
OK, aren't you living with someone?
Yeah, but you know what I want.
Yeah, he went there. Nice. At least he didn't say You would do but you don't have big boobs.

I really just want to get back to reality, where ever the fuck it is. I miss it.


Sparky Duck said...

the fact that he needs 6 restraining orders should have been his clue in the first place that he might have some responsibilities as well.

sorry the morning sucked

Dixie said...

Good lord, you poor thing.

If I were childless, I'd offer to come and drive him insane for you. Show him how it feels. But I have kids and jail time would seriously impede my parenting them.

Pat said...

Been there, done that. It was my fault my ex's pay was garnished and that he was "sick of being broke."

Yeah, it was me that held a gun to his head and made him by that $3,000 bracelet for our daughter. I forced him to spend more than $10K on her wedding, too.

I was being really, really, really selfish when I called the child support enforcement unit and sked for their help in getting more than $3,000 in arrears because he just "got tired" of sending the money every month.

If I could have had the option to have his nuts put in a vice while they wrestle the money out of his hands, I'd have signed up for that, too.

Stay strong -- it's the one thing you can do to irritate him the most!