Monday, February 12, 2007

Worth it all

Don't you love it when the reaction from the gift you give totally makes every dime you spent worth it?

I had Batman's new stereo system and XM radio installed in the new car for our road trip this week. It was quite the process, but it's done. It cost a couple of pennies, but not more than expected.

Driving home that night, watching him go through everything, and tweak the sound, and adjust the levels, and get things set 'just right' for the new car, and seeing how much he loved it, and how much fun he was having and how happy he was to have his stereo back, made the 8 hour wait, and the pennies spent, totally and completely worth it.

Just to see how much he was enjoying it made it worth everything to me. All I could do was sit back and smile ear to ear, and occasionally giggle at him. (Couldn't talk to him, that stereo was CRANKED. I'm sure you all could hear us....)

Worth it all.

Without a doubt.

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