Monday, February 12, 2007


Things I have done today:
Checked my email
Visited everyone's blog
Drove home from Batman's this morning
Checked the weather forecast for here, for St. Louis, for Daytona Beach, and for Orlando this week.
Posted a few things to my blog.
Left a few comments on some blogs
Chatted on line with my Girl M, and with Batman

Things I have not done today:
Anything resembling work
Not. A. Damn. Thing.

Things I need to do today:
Start laundry
Start packing
My nails
Parent teacher conference # 2 for Newt (yes, Slug will be there)
Burn some CD's for the trip
Charge my Nikon battery

Too much to do to be bothered with 8 hours at work...aside from the fact I need the paycheck.

Is it Thursday yet?

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