Monday, February 5, 2007

Bit of conversations on Yahoo today

Girl 1: Guy 2 just told Guy 1 that he wanted to mount you up that night

Girl 2:Oh yeah.

Girl 1: yeah but he knew he couldn't

Girl 2: Yeah well that's all done

Girl 1: I know I told Guy 1

Girl 2: Finished last night.

Girl 1: So he could fill Guy 2 in for ya

Girl 2: Thanks for not getting in the middle lmfao

Girl 3: Talk about romantic and they say romance is dead. They haven't talked to Guy 2 yet. Seriously with a line like that who can resist? Is he going to hog tie you first?

Girl 2: It's a thought. You know me.

Girl 3: ok, I just spit rockstar all over my computer screen

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