Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, she is still dead.

Ok, so we all know that Anna Nicole Smith died last week. Shocking. (yeah, that it wasn't Lindsay Lohan...but I digress).

You would think someone important died. Every time I turn on the news, or the radio, it's more Anna Nicole Smith. Hey guys, guess what? Yup, she's still dead.

So, what exactly did she do with her life? I mean, we know who she did in her life, apparently everyone. (Does anyone know where Ted Kennedy was the day she died?) Now that she's gone, and that poor baby stands to become un-fucking-believably rich, every man who's ever been inside Anna's whatever, is crawling out of the woodwork.

My theory? Yeah, that paternity test was going to be enforced, and the world was going to learn that neither guy was the father of that baby. (yeah, big surprise there). And after she had been on ET claiming Howard K Stern was most definitely the father. She was going to look like a total idiot. Oh wait, too late. Then it would be an open cattle call for every man in the world to line up and have his DNA checked against that baby's DNA.

The woman is dead. She did nothing to contribute to society. She made no contribution, she was just a one-person freak show. Do we really need hourly updates? Yup, bitch is still dead. If that is the most pressing news we have in the world where candidates are announcing their intention to run for President, our priorities are screwed up.


Sparky Duck said...

here here, though I was not going to be in line for a DNA swab

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't understand the fuss over her death. If we were to mourn Anna Nicole Smith, it should have been done years ago before she started the freak show. As it is, we've ackowledged her death; now let's move on.