Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Race

The race.
It was a snoozer.
At least the first hundred laps.

Then it got exciting, and that's why I love Nascar.

I'm sure I'm going to upset some of my friends, and for that I'm sorry. I know that everyone has their driver. I have mine. (Kasey Kahne) Batman has his (Mark Martin).

I HATE with a passion that burns brighter than 1000 suns, the whinning rat bastard Bush brothers. Batman hates Jimmy Johnson. He hates Tony Stewart too. (I'm not Tony's biggest fan). We both like Carl, and Jr. Can do without Jeff.

So, (and again I'm sorry) when Kurt Bush took out Tony Stewart, I busted my ass laughing! For a split second I actually liked a Bush brother, because he put Tony Stewart into the wall, and then hit the wall himself, and took them both out! Two for the price of one. 2 down, 2 more to go!

I was sorry to see Jr. mess up his car so bad. It was funny too. When Jr. wrecked, and was out of the race, it was mass exodus in the stands. Every single Jr fan, packed it up and left. Fine by me, the more that left early was fewer I had to fight with after the race to get to the car.

I was damn was glad to see Jimmy Johnson out of the race too. (3 down) Just 1 more whining rat bastard brother to go. But it wasn't meant to be.

Then there was the finish! Batman's boy leading the pack! At that point, it didn't matter how cold we were (and yes, once the sun went down, it got cold) and it didn't matter how much our legs hurt (from walking around the track on the 31 degree bank) we were staying to watch that finish! But we didn't. When we were 3 laps from the end, and they red flagged it. We waited, and waited. And froze, and hurt, and Batman finally said, "I don't care, I can't do this any more" so we started heading to the car. But we could hear it. And if we could have, we would have kicked ourselves in the ass for not standing there a few minutes longer. (Shut up, all of you! I know, we should have stayed, but you weren't there, cold and tired and hurting too much to stand knowing we still had to walk 4 blocks to the car. He said he was ok with not staying.)

And while our guy didn't win, it wasn't a disappointing finish! Holy close call Batman! It was exciting!


Sparky Duck said...

As I sat there on the edge of my seat, knowing that Mark was not going to hold on, all I kept telling the wife was please dont let it be that bastage Kyle Busch. I cant root for anyone Hendrick

Dixie said...

I was hoping poor Martin would win. That guy deserves it!