Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Packing issues

This morning, plans got changed, in a good way. My departure time of 12:00 noon tomorrow, got suddenly moved up to 5:00 tonight. (Give or take). You know, when a deadline looms large on the horizon, motivation is increased, tremendously.

I talked to my sis this morning, and when she asked if I was packed, I laughed. Then she said "Well, don't overpack" to which my reply was "Too Late! I have packed, over-packed, unpacked, repacked, over-packed again, unpacked, and repacked, and I'm not completely packed." Her repsonse? "Geez! You've got packing issues" Well, duh.

So, when plans changed, I had to finish packing in a hurry. That I can do. It's when I give myself too much time to pack, I tend to over-think every thing that goes into the suitcase. I plan things too closely. When left with only a few minutes (read 30) to finish packing, instinct kicks in and I just start throwing things I know I'll need in a bag.

I went home at lunch and topped off the suitcase, grabbed all the bathroom gear, the camera, the lenses, the lens caps, shoes, hat, jacket, everything in 30 minutes flat. Even had time to pick out an outfit for each of the girls in case they end up spending the night at my mother's on Monday. (who knows what we'll run into on the road)

What I don't get done tonight, (nails, wal-mart) I can do tomorrow, Batman has to go into to work for a couple of hours. I am finished with my apartment now until Tuesday. Wahoo. (Yes, I remembered to shut the computer down)

I'm off, in an hour and a half. There will be blog posts from the road, and pictures. I can't believe it's finally here.

Oh, yeah, one more thing, this is the weekend I finally get to find out exactly what he's going to do to make it worth my while to have gained back the weight I lost. HHMMMM... I know what I'm hoping for.

Stay Tuned!


Dixie said...

I'l also better at packing under pressure. Given too much time, I'll over pack.

~Kathryn~ said...

have a fabulous trip !!!!