Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Biting a bullet

Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe it's being in love. Maybe it was just the good vibes I picked up on vacation. I don't know.

The Slug actually had to take the girls this past weekend (it was my weekend to have them) while Batman and I went to Florida. To most parents it wouldn't be an issue. Most parents would jump at the chance to spend extra time with their kids. Not always so with Slug.

He agreed to take them but based on past performances from him, I expected some drama. I did all that I could before leaving to ensure there would be none, but the few days leading up to departure were questionable at best. So I prayed.

And while I was in Florida, at the race, I spent some money on a Tony Stewart hat. Let me tell you, how huge that was. I spent $$, my $$, on a hat of a driver I don't really like, to give to The Slug, who has added more drama to my life than TNT has in it's nightly line-up of Law & Order. But I bit the bullet and bought the hat.

When I got back into town and picked up the girls we called him and asked him if we could come by, we had something to give him. He reluctantly agreed. So we went. The girls showed him their shirts and their hats from Florida (No NASCAR stuff for my girls-some times I wonder if they're mine) and then we gave him his hat.

I hope you don't already have one
I wanted to be sure and get you something from there, to say thank you for taking an extra weekend with the girls.
And to say thank you for not causing a fuss about it, and not giving us a hard time about this trip. It was very much appreciated. And I just wanted to say Thank you.
You're welcome.

I think I caught him off guard.

Later I got a text message from him. Thanks for the hat. It was nice of you.
Told you I was done fighting. Just want to get along for the girls.
I agree. Thanks again.

Uh, now he caught me off guard.

Wonder how long the truce will last?


Laci said...

WOW!!!! Holy shit! Are you sure it was him???

Chickie said...

Maybe the getting the hat was a turning point for him? You can always hope for the best.

Beth said...

uh, The Slug said Thank You? Has hell frozen over and no one told me?

B.R.M said...

I like it!