Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Random Observations

*Apparently socks, shirts, jeans, and underware become completely invisible to the naked eye under the age of 10, the minute they hit the floor. My girls will walk over their dirty clothes on the floor for days and never notice them. That is until they have nothing to wear.

*I know that the clothes that are laying on the bathroom floor after their shower will not magically get up and find their way to the laundry hamper in the middle of the night. The girls apparently still believe in magical clothes, or Laundry Fairies.

*Egg salad sandwiches taste better when made with Ranch salad dressing instead of miracle whip. (At least that's what Newt thinks) Whatever gets her to eat is fine by me.

*Grilled cheese sandwiches should always be made with bacon, according to Tate. But then again, according to Tate, everything tastes better with Bacon.

*Bo's dad sent me an email yesterday telling me Bo is working up a really good sinus infection. I sent him an email telling him, If I remember right, YOU have sole custody of him, YOU now get to make all the decisions regarding him, YOU need to take him to the Doctor's office. I love it when his plans bite him in the ass.

*I have parent teacher conferences for the girls tomorrow after work. Yes, they will be with The Slug. That should be more fun than any person has a right too. I'll be good, and I'll be nice, and I might even remind him that he told me once that he was done fighting with me, and wanted us to get along and try to be friends for the girls. We'll see if the earrings and the necklace come home tomorrow too.

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