Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Weather Girl and Poindexter

Race day dawns, and it's raining in Daytona. Not a big deal really, it will blow over, the track will drive, and we'll be green flag racing by 3:30.

The temperature that morning? A cool 38 degrees. (yes, I know, in reality, it's cold. In relativity, it's not bad). There was a wind chill factor.

Yes. A wind chill factor.

Oh hell.

We don't have wind chill factors here until it get's below freezing, and then our wind chill factors tend to be below Zero.

A wind chill factor at 38 degrees?

Good Grief.

And what I wouldn't give to be able to find a picture of Poindexter the weather dweeb we watched on Friday morning. He was wearing a shirt that was either denim or velvet, (it was hard to tell, but either one was bad enough) with a bright red tie.

God Bless Al Gore (don't tell Batman I said those 4 words) and the internet. I found Poindexter the weather dweeb here. I took one look of him and spewed coffee all over the mirror.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...
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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Crap...let me try this again. Gimme abreak, it's still early, okay.

You should've been watching our boy Tom Sorrells. Check him out....very nice on the eyes, no? ;)

And yes, wind chills SUCK. We have a coldness down here that seems to seep RIGHT DOWN INTO your bones! Blech.