Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We're Home (start reading here)

It was an incredible vacation and there are lots of stories to tell. I was going to write it all in one blog post but I was afraid that I'd miss something or forget something. So I'll write it out in individual blog posts. There will be many.

It was a great week for so many reasons. It was an INCREDIBLE race, and unless you've been hiding under a rock this week, you've seen the awesome finish! The first half was a snoozer, but damn if the boys didn't entertain in the last half.

I took over 400 pictures on this trip (Mostly at the track) so it will take a day or two to get through them all, but I promise there will be many posted here, and a link to a photo website for the rest.

The weather was much much warmer than what we left behind, but once you get used to it, it's still cold. We had to laugh at the weather girl on race day. They were calling for temps in the 50's (58 to be exact) and the weather girl was telling people to dress in layers. Like 7 layers, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, coats. OK. I'll agree, when the sun went down, it got cold. 3 layers cold (henly, hoodie, jacket) but not 7 layers cold.

When we rolled into Orlando Friday night, it was 46 (And yes, I know, 46 is cold. But compared to 2 and 10" of snow that we left behind in Mo, 46 was rather pleasant.) We got so tickled at the people walking the streets bundled up in parkas, scarves, hats, and gloves like it was freezing cold. Batman and I were in tee shirts, and jackets with our windows rolled down.

Much to tell, many laughs and memories to share, and pictures too. So, grab a chair, get comfortable, and I'll tell you a story or two.


Beth said...

MAn! What a trip! And the food! How in the world did you eat it all? So much to read!

I am not a NASCAR person AT ALL, but it still sounds like a good time, even if y ou do have to wear 7 layers of clothes! ;)

And he DOES look like Kevin Bacon, only cuter...KB is kind of "greasy" looking to me.

I'm glad you're back and had such a fantastic time...it sounds like it was all worth it and you got boyfriend outa the deal!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yep...we are a bunch of weather wusses down here. When it gets in the 40's, we break out the arctic coats!

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Rainwolf said...

....muttering about damn yankees that come down here and laugh at us....

Glad you had a good time.

BeckyD said...

It was funny the first night, and maybe even the 2nd day when it actually got close to 70, but it was not funny at the race, at the end when the sun went down, and it got COLD, even for us.

Still, no matter how cold it was there, it was still Significantly warmer than the 2 degrees we left behind....