Monday, February 5, 2007

Can you feel the love?

I will be the first to admit that I hate Valentine's Day. Probably because no matter where I was in life, or who I was married to, I never got anything for it. (Does that really come as a shock to anyone here? Yeah, I didn't think so.) Oh, I would buy cards, or candy, or cute little gifts, but I usually got ZILCH in return.

Ok, the year I left The Slug, he made my life a living hell that day, phone calls, threats, stalking me. Then he shows up with the girls and three long stem red roses. A peace offering. A gift to say He missed me, he loved me and he made a mistake (when he threw me and the girls out of the house). Three hours later he's calling me telling me if I didn't come over and f#@k his brains out, I would never see the girls again. (Guess he forgot how much he loved me.)

So, I try and skip Valentine's day all together. This year was going to be no exception. I was just going to skip right on over the 14th, shoot straight for the 15th and leave for Daytona. (yeah, funny how I can always find a way to bring that up, ain't it? Sorry.) (not really).

But things have been going SO good for me, for us lately, that I thought, a Little Valentine Bling can't hurt. Just a little. So, I bought me the cutest new latte mug.
Cute ain't it? I love it. $1.50 at the Wal-place. Of course, the first one I picked out was chipped, so take it back. The second one, the paint was peeling off of it, take it back. The third one was darker than all the rest, a total misfit, so took it back. Then this one. No chips, no peeling, and looks just like everyone else.

I love it. And that is as close as I'm willing to get to Valentine's day, on my own. Now, if Batman has other plans............well, who am I to say no to him?

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Dixie said...

Sorry that Valentine's Day has always been shitty for you!

Maybe Batman will change that for you.

And shut the hell up about Daytona!