Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm sorry, I had to mention it.

It's official.

I have Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Monday off next week. Cleared it all with the powers that be and got the ok.

I have the girls squared away, with people to pick them up, squire them around, and places for them to sleep while I'm gone.

I got the Pit Passes yesterday. So, we have tickets and pit passes, we can get into the Speedway, and FanZone, the Pits and the Garages.

I know which dresses I'm taking (thanks to all that voted, and if you missed it, go here. You can at least see what I had to chose from, and still throw in your 2 cents worth) and yes, without a doubt #3 will be going. It was hands down the favorite, and what the hell, I'll throw the other three in for good measure.

I'm going shopping in St. Louis this weekend, so we'll see what I find to take along on the trip.

I need to make a few more visits to the tanning beds. I'll probably hit the one Batman uses in St. Louis, because they have awesome beds there, and I can tan darker faster. (yes, I know the health issues. I'm going to die anyway, I intend to look good while I'm breathing.)

Still need to map-quest from St. Louis to Orlando, and find hotels along the way (I'm thinking Nashville Thursday night?) We'll see.

Saturday, I take B's car in to have the XM stereo hooked up, while he's in a managers meeting. (and for those of you reading between the lines, yes that does mean I am spending the weekend with him at his place.) Monday the car goes in the shop to see if they can fix the vibration in the front end. (not a pretty story there).

Tonight, I have parent/teacher conferences for the girls, and the Slug will be there. Oh joy, oh please let the games begin. Actually, I'm going to be very adult and mature about the whole situation *said with a very straight face, while laughing hysterically inside*.

After those games are finished, it's home to do laundry, and pack my suitcase for the weekend with Batman. SSHHH! Don't tell, anyone, don't want to jinx things.

Ok, guys, that's the plan. Wish me luck.


Dixie said...

Good luck! & Have fun!!

Sparky Duck said...

cant wait for pictures!