Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Car Wash

Batman has a new car. New to him. Well, relatively new, 6 months new. Nice.

We left behind 10 inches of snow on the ground last Thursday, and weather too damn cold to talk about. But we also drove away in a car that had salt and mud residue all over it. EW, but we looked just like everyone else around us.

That is, until we hit Orlando. Yeah, even though those people looked like a blizzard was coming for them, it hadn't actually hit yet. Their cars were clean. Not just clean, shiny clean. First order of business? Car wash.

We found one of those full service, inside out, we do it all for you car washes that only cost a small small fortune, and got 'er done. (I can't believe I just typed that. I am such a red neck..and so embarassed)

Waiting for our car (yeah, notice our car...*giggle* ours) Vinnie and Guido come in. I swear they were straight out of Jersey. The whole Godfather accent, the suits, the chains, the shades, couldn't have been a worse stereotype.

And here's Batman behind me, whispering under his breath so only I could hear him, doing voice overs for Vinnie and Guido, "So, Vinnie, did you talk to Sal?"
"Yeah, I did. He said he'd take care of it."
"Good. I don't want the details."
"It's been taken care of Boss."
"That's what I wanted to hear."

Took everything I had to stand there with a straight face and not bust a gut laughing my ass off.

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Dixie said...

I like him, he's funny!