Monday, February 26, 2007

My seriously ridiculously overpriced, but oh so worth every penny I spent on them shades

That is a picture of me in my new shades. Bought in Orlando (yeah, it may have been cool down there, but the sun was still bright)

I have a reputation of losing my shades. Therefore I never spend a lot of $ on them (we're talking $5 at Wal-Hell at best) Batman's theory on that is, if you spend a lot of $ on them you take better care of them, and you don't lose them. (sounds to me like an expensive lesson to learn and a hell of a lot of money to throw away when I prove him wrong, but eh, we'll see if he's right)

So, it was his mission to find me a pair of shades. Thank god we found a place 20%-80% off. But even at those discounted prices, I about fell the fuck over. Of course, when it's my shades, and my money, Batman's tastes knows no limit. I was thinking a $15 pair of shades was good enough to keep me from losing them. Oh hell to the no. He saw these, and said those magic words....
"I love them on you, you look sexy in them." and I went "Duh, OK"

Needless to say, even at close to half price, they were still 3 figures. (yeah, don't ask, I won't admit it out loud) But I can promise you this, I will never lose these damn things. and he better like them, he' s going to look at the for a lllloooonnnngggggg time.


Dixie said...

Last year when I went to the NASCAR race here in Atlanta, my shades went into the hole of a port-o-potty as I leaned over to try to clean the seat a bit.

3 figures???? No way! I'm way to cheap for that shit!

Dixie said...

And they are cute!