Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cast of Characters

I have a new audience, actually, I have a growing audience. So, as a courtesy to my new readers, I’ll post this cast of characters so that everyone can be on the same page and know who exactly I’m talking about.

We’ll start at home. Obviously, there’s me. I’m the mom of 3 kids, the sister to a brother and a sister, the daughter of my mom and my dad. I have step parents as well, who are, by all accounts, pretty cool. I have more drama in my life than TNT and less humor than TBS. But it’s my goal in life to find the humor in the drama, and ignore the drama in the humor.

My 3 kids:

First there is Bo. He’s 13. Like his father (Don’t laugh, he was cute in high school when I met him. The years have NOT been kind) before him, he believes that every girl in the world is crazy over him. They may well be crazy for Bo, they weren’t however for his father. I try to keep him as grounded as possible, without bruising his fragile ego. It’s a fine line I walk. He is into sports, but sometimes I wonder if he isn’t playing sports to appease his father’s need to live vicariously through his son. My sister (I’ll introduce her later) swears Bo will grow up to become a hairdresser, and that would be just rewards for his father. I agree. Bo is a good kid, who’s had a hard life, but there’s hope for him.

Then there is Tate. She’s 9. She may look just like her father, she is growing up to be just like me, (God help her). She has finally discovered the joy of reading and now has her nose stuck in a book all the time. She feels things deeply, when she loves it’s with her whole heart, when she cries she empties her soul, when she smiles she lights up a room, and when she laughs it’s the sweetest sound. This child will save the world, one broken heart at a time.

Last, is Newt who is 7 going on 30. She was a surprise (not an accident) and has been a great source of pride, joy and angst. She is spunky, funny, brave, independent, sensitive, cute, irritating and everything I want to be when I grow up. She does her own thing, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She learned early on that if she didn’t keep up Bo and Tate would leave her behind, and so now, she is often the leader. She is my informer, making sure I know every last detail of everyone else’s business. She plays by her own set of rules, and if you don’t like it you don’t have to play.

I have a sister and you can read about her on her blog. I will tell you this, when asked, she will give you her honest opinion. She will tell you what she sees, what she feels and what she thinks without sparing any feelings. She’s honest to a fault. She expects that in those around her. She offers support and encouragement, but is also there to kick my ass when I need it. I don’t always agree with her, but I always respect her. She is my true north, and I’ve said that more than once. I love her. Sis is married to a wonderful man, and they have two amazing boys, Stealth and Duck

I have a brother too. Growing up, we used to be close, but then I went to college, and then got married, and left him behind with Sis. They got close then. Now that we’re all adults, we’ll it seems to have evened out. Although here lately, he’s been a great source of support that I didn’t know about, until I reached out to him one night for answers to questions he really couldn’t answer, but he tried anyway. I found out just how deeply he loves me and how much he cares about me, and I treasure that.

I have 2 ex husbands, who happen to have the same first name (yes, kept things simple in bed. Shut up. I never called out the wrong name. I never called out any name, but that’s another post entirely). To keep them separate I called them C1 and C2 but Batman (who you will meet in a minute) dubbed C2 The Slug, and that name was so fitting, it stuck. C1 is Bo’s father, and The Slug was the sperm donor for both girls. (hard to call him a father, when he’s not much of a parent….again, another post entirely). I hate to mention her, b/c she is such a waste of a human being, but The Slug has a live-in bitch I lovingly call The Heifer. My personal opinion on this waste of space is that she is nothing to me or the girls, she is just the warm body their sperm donor is currently fucking. And now I really have wasted too much time on them both in this paragraph.

Only because he's a recurring nightmare in my life, I will mention X-BIL. He is The Slug's Twin brother. At one time I would have believed him to be the sane, normal, decent one of the two (yeah, I married the reject). but my opinion of him has changed, or let's just say I see him in a different light now. X-BIL is married to X-SIL and they have two daughters, TD and Hot Stuff.

Then there is Batman. He is the love of my life, but at the wrong time. We had a wonderful glorious 3 months together and the past month has been rocky, turbulent, and hellish at best, but we are getting through it. He’s a wonderful man, and I consider myself lucky to know him and to have loved, and been loved by him. Our story is far from over, so stay tuned. Batman is the father of Scooter and Princess. I love them like they were my own, and miss them very much, but someday…….

I have lots of friends, some IRL and some here on the internet. Most of them are listed on my sidebar, go check out their blogs. Say Hey.

I can’t think of anyone else I need to introduce at this time. All the other cast of characters in my life, are either scattered through the archives of this blog, or I will introduce them as I meet them.

Hope this helps!

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