Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Present

See that jacket right there? Yeah, that one to the left there. The Triple-A jacket? Uh huh, yeah. That is a twill racing jacket from the Mark Martin racing team. Mark Martin, who is going into semi-retirement next year (yeah, he's only gonna race 178 races next year? That sounds like retirement to me..uh, no.) Anyway, Mark Martin is not only my mother's favorite driver, he happens to be Batman's favorite driver.

We spent many an hour on the internet this summer looking for this jacket, and we stopped at plenty of malls this summer, hoping to find this jacket at some sports store, or a NASCAR store. Oh, they had them, as long as you are a LG or an XLG. Batman....isn't.

Even with things they way they are between us now, I know that this Christmas present is going to rock his world. Yeah, it's not nearly as impressive as the 32" flat screen his parents are buying for him, but he already had that picked out and was going to buy it himself. They just stepped up and paid for it. He knows nothing about this coming from me. (Am I worried about him seeing this posted here? Nope. I created a blog just for him, well, for us, actually, and he never goes there either. Blogs just aren't his thing. He never stops by here. comfirms that for me. Thanks Guys!)

I owe a huge THANK YOU to my brother for finding this and sending me the link. I know there are going to be those of you out there that think this is crazy for me to get Batman a Christmas present, when I'm sure I probably won't be getting one from him. I've had this thing ordered and delivered for so long, even before things fell apart for us. No matter what's going on right now with us, or what goes on in the future, I still want him to have this jacket. I think he's gonna love it. I hope so.

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