Sunday, November 5, 2006

A Miracle has happened!

Yeah, not THAT miracle. Batman hasn't come to his senses just yet. This one is even BIGGER than that.

The Slug called me this morning (so much for restraining orders... sheesh) to tell me that the Sitter had rushed her husband Pop to the hospital this morning. Slug was pretty freaking unclear about details (he never was good at that, and when it comes to medical stuff, he's clueless) but said something about kidneys shutting down. It does not look very good right now. (Here's where the prayers/good thoughts are needed. Please send good vibes to Pops and The Sitter.)

So we will have to make other arrangements for the girls after school. He had the audacity to tell me I would have to take a few days off work to keep the girls. Uh, hello? Why should I miss work and not get paid, since you don't even have a job?
I start a new job tomorrow.

I guess when the judge tells him "You need to get a lawyer, like yesterday" mama done told him "You need to get a freakin' job, like 2 days ago." And wham bam, when you threaten him with court and custody, bingo, he all of a sudden finds employment.

Do you know what that means? DING DING CHA-CHING! That's right, the child support payments should start rolling in now, with every paycheck. Halleluja! Miracles never cease to amaze me.

And if a miracle of this proportion can happen, then Batman coming to his senses and working this out with me, well, that miracle should be no problem at all.

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