Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Girls came home last night

The girls came home last night! I couldn't get to the sitter's fast enough last night to get them. It was music to my ears to hear them giggle and laugh in the back seat all the way home. Even listening to them bitch about The Slug and The Heifer (his girlfriend) couldn't bring me down. All I could think was 'My girls are home!'

Flash forward 2 hours, when they have strung coats, back packs, shoes, dishes, home work, toys, books, and folders all over my living room. Then the arguements started because Tate had more cherries in her fruit cocktail than Newt did. And they could only find 1 clip for their hair instead of 2, and then who was going to take their shower first....and all I could think was "Oh, shit, my girls are home."

Either way, they are home, and I'm thrilled, and there was much laughing and playing and giggling last night and at the end of the day, I was glad to know they were back under my roof, where they belong. Posted by Picasa

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