Sunday, November 26, 2006

Your laugh for the day

As some of you may or may not know (and all of you may or may not care) I don't have my highspeed internet at home right now. Yes, when The Slug stops paying child support, internet has to go, so that the kids can eat (them pigs).

So, that has meant for me that my internet usage has been limited to the availability of a computer and a connection elsewhere. Oh joy, oh joy! That usually entails either driving to the library and using their computers, or going to my mother's to use her's. The problem with the library is, they are only open certain hours during the weekend, and it's 40 minutes away. The problem with going to my mother's is, I feel like I'm intruding on her weekend (Because I am) and she's still on dial up, so being on-line ties up her phone lines. I try to avoid this as much as I possibly can.

So, this weekend, I hunted down a friend of mine, who I knew had an extra laptop they weren't using, and begged them to please let me borrow it, just for the weekend (ok, maybe 2) along with the wireless connection card they have. Now, I still don't have internet at home, so my problem has not been solved, but alas....The McD's just up the road (like a mile or maybe 2) has free WI-FI, and bingo, bango, I'm connected. Yes, I am still limited to their operating hours, but let me tell you, their lobby is open from 6:00AM to 11:00PM. I can surf the internet for a hell of a long time, visit everyone I want to say Hey to, and still not worry about a time restraint. Grab me a cup of coffee, or a soda, and I'm good for hours.

In fact, it is now 5:20 PM and (you're gonna laugh) I've been here since 3:00-ish. Found a seat right next to an electrical outlet, and bingo, I'm good to go. It has passed the better part of this afternoon, kept me from wallowing in self pity and tears. It has kept me entertained, and updated and informed. It has helped eliviate the boredom of a Sunday afternoon with a race to watch. Right now, watching a football game, especially a Rams football game is just too painful, reminders of weekends spent watching football with Batman and his Dad.

When I'm not here surfing the web, I am at home cleaning, reading, watching movies (yeah, I watched A Few Good Men and Cocktail today. Don't laugh. Shut up, they were distracting and they were before he lost his ever-loving mind. I wonder if he misses it?) I also, when the mood strikes, can set down and write a post or two for the blogs, and then later, when I feel like it, come back up here, grab another cup of coffee and spend a couple more hours (ok, or 1) surfing the web and posting away.

I will be so glad to be back at work tomorrow, back among people, all day, so that I will have people to talk to, to distract me, entertain me, and I won't have to focus so much on how long I've been alone this weekend. Also...tomorrow at this time, my girls will be back at home. I miss them, god I miss them. They've been gone almost a whole week.


Syd said...

LOL at the McD's thing, but it's also pretty resourceful.

I know it'll be a joy to have your girls home.

B.R.M said...

Well, this is your twin.

I only have dial up at home.
Like you internet/cable is not a necessity.

How dare our kids need food, cloting and shelter! Where are their priorities?!