Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Ok, guys, I have a list of blogs I visit on a daily basis. Some of the authors I know IRL and some only through blogs, I consider all of them friends.

So, today, (ok yesterday, actually) a friend IRL of mine, M, started her own blog. M and I used to work together at the accounting firm (with Big Boss..ya know, the perv?) Anyway, we have kept in contact since I’ve left.

M’s awesome, she’s tough as nails, but inside she’s got a soft side she doesn’t show many people. She’s been hurt before, wants to avoid getting hurt again at all costs. Who among us doesn’t? She keeps some people at arms length, even when she wants to be close. Can’t fault her that. But she’s good people. The people in her life, around her, create some crazy ass drama which can be very entertaining at times. When M decides she likes you, and befriends you, she’s loyal to a fault. She will defend you, she has your back, but she will also slap you upside your head when you’re being an idiot. She will be loyal to you till the end. Unless you betray her. Then you’d better hide, because she does not take betrayal lightly.

As I mentioned, she’s started her own blog on Blogger, and would like some company. So, if you have a few minutes, go over, visit her new home, drop in, say Hello, tell her I sent you, and make her feel welcome. She’s the new kid on the blog, and well, who wouldn’t like to be welcomed to the neighborhood?

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