Thursday, November 9, 2006

How many of Me? How many of you?

Go check out this website: Click here

It tells you approximately how many people in the United States have the same first and last name as you.

148 people share my name

11 share Tate's

51 share Newt's

28 share Bo's

122 share Batman's

43 share Scooter's

52 share Princess's

Don't ask me why I checked on the last 3, you all know already.

How many share your name?


Laci said...

I'm the only one of me.

Margaret said...

1,152 first and last name. That's just crazy. Over a million actual just Margaret.

Anonymous said...

7 or 9 share my name, depending on whether I use my actually used first name versus my legal first name.

1 person has M's name, and no one has J's (accounted to the spelling).