Monday, November 6, 2006

A Small Ray of Hope

Yesterday was Sunday. No surprise there. Around my house, that means RaceDay. NASCAR will be on, and I will be parked in front of the television watching. Been that way all season. Yesterday was no exception.

Sunday at Batman's house is not much different. Downstairs you can find football on the big screen. Upstairs, Zoom Zoom is on. B is sprawled out on his bed, watching the race, napping halfway through it.

3:00 my phone (the Batphone) rings, and it's him. I hadn't called or text messaged him at all. So I was surprised (in a really good way) that he called. I knew why he was calling... Zoom Zoom was on.

Hey B, what's up?

Nothing, got your message, thought I'd call.

I didn't send you a message today. That was yesterday, and we already talked. (Sounds like a good excuse to me)

Oh, I didn't see the date. Anyway, whatcha doing?

Watching the race. (He knows what I'm doing. He misses me! Hee hee)

At mom's?

Nope, I'm home.


Uh, yeah, alone. (Jealous? Maybe? Please?) What's up? You ok? Sounds like something's bothering you? Kids better today?

Oh, just watching the race, thought I'd call. Yeah, kids are better today. Didn't sleep very well last night.

Oh, ok (missed me beside you, didn't ya? Yeah, I know how you feel.)

We talked for a while longer. He said he missed me. Said he would be taking the kids back to their mom's around 4:30-5:00, he would call when he left there.

I can't put into words why, but there is a small ray of hope there. We talked more last night, and really, what was said was completely unimportant. But he misses me, and we were closer last night than we have been in a while.

While I don't believe for half a second, things will turn around over night for us, I now have a little bit more hope that we might find our way out of this, eventually.

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