Friday, November 24, 2006

I survived, I knew I would

I got through yesterday, with only a few rough patches. I ended up having Bo with me most of the day, so I wasn't completely alone. We managed to avoid all reminders that it was Thanksgiving altogether.

Things have become a bit more strained between Batman and me this week. Uh, not going to get into details or the reason why, but it made yesterday a bit harder. I called hoping to just get his voice mail, but he answered and I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. (Yes, Tennessee Becky, I know, you suggested I not call him, but wait for him to call me.....but it was Thanksgiving, I had to call.) It was enough to talk to him for a couple of minutes.

Had a rough 30 seconds when I made frozen pizza for Bo and I for lunch. I'm thinking to myself, "It's Thanksgiving, and here we are eating frozen pizza." but then I just changed that thought to, "Hell, it's a day off, let's have some pizza!" and all was good in the world again.

My father called from Ohio. Never once wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. Just wanted to call and start getting a handle on the Christmas schedule for my kids, so they could coordinate their travel plans and be sure to have time to see everyone while they are here in town. Of course, he asked about my day, and why I was home, alone (save Bo) and not with Batman and his family like we had planned. (Thanks Dad, let's drag me through that wringer today, and make me remember that once again I am alone at the holidays, and well, all the plans Batman and I had made for the holidays are now forgotten. Ok, maybe not forgotten, but they have all been cancelled.) And that DID start the waterworks.

I also got a phone call from my brother, which was good for some laughs and smiles, and totally made me feel so much better about things. When I explained what has been going on this week, my brother, in true brother fashion, made the comment, "I can't believe he's doing this to you. He better hope I never see him again." Thanks Bud, I love you too.

So, Bo has been dropped off with his father and they are headed to PawPaw's house for the weekend. I am childless and free to do as I please this weekend. I have actually toyed with the thought of putting up the tree, but I think I want the kids home to do that. (Not that they will help put it up or decorate it, or clean up the mess it's just nicer with kids. I think.) I am going to get some books at the library. I stocked up on coffee, on hot chocolate, new candles, and I'm going to clean the place, read a lot, and try to keep my mind from wandering to LeMay Ferry Road or Hwy B, and to the Bat-house. Even though that's exactly where my heart is.

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B.R.M said...

I am glad you survived yesterday. I know it was hard. I stayed busy. And I understand you had to call - completely understand. Let's face it my new friend, we both are gluttons for punishment.

Enjoy this time you will have to yourself - indulge and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Praying for your heart.


Tennessee Becky