Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have found my twin!

They say that everyone has a twin. Some people are born with theirs and know them their entire life. The rest of us, well, it’s luck.

I seem to have stumbled across mine, in Blog-land. She lives in Tennessee, and I was bored one day, following links from other blogs, and found hers. What I read on her blog rang so true to me. I could very well have written some of it myself.

So, as I’m wont to do sometimes, I commented on her blog. She was talking about how her son wants to grow up to be an Army Sniper. I mentioned that my sister holds a long held dream of my son growing up to be a hairdresser just to thwart his father’s dreams he become an NFL quarterback.

That started an email correspondence today. The more we share in emails, the more alike we find ourselves to be. We are both single moms with teenagers, although her 13 year old is a girl and mine is a boy, (no they will not be meeting anytime soon, or getting together) A direct quote from her profile sounds just like me :

“I like the Charlie Brown specials that always come on during the various holidays. My two favorite television shows are: The Closer and Law & Order SVU. I feel things if I am mad..I am mad...sad I am sad..happy I am happy. No in between. I will admit right now, I don't handle problems well...I have to panic first...try to fix it myself..then turn it over to God! When I know I should give it God first and not panic.”

She has a Knucklehead (my word, not hers) in her life. Her best friend, who is a guy, stopped by my blog today too, and sent me a message telling me that we are just alike and he believes we are twins. The more we talk, the more I believe he may be right. We even share the same name!

I have added her to my list of blogs linked on the right. Go over, visit her place. Tell her, The Other Becky says HI!

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Manic Mom said...

HIya! THanks for the link, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!