Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Resume' Advice

Ok, I may have mentioned before that this job I’m at right now is just a temp gig. The receptionist quit, and well, they needed someone to fill in while they looked for a new receptionist.  Eh, what do I care really? It’s a pay check, little to no real work involved, and time to stay connected with On-line friends.

So, in the course of filling in, I had to open the daily mail, when means I was privy to all the résumé’s that were sent in to apply for this position.  OMG!  You would not believe what we got.  Here are a few examples of what NOT to do on your resume’.

If you are going to include your email address, please make sure it is as professional sounding as possible.  I know that some on-line email services (yahoo) allows you 6 ID’s or email addresses, all of them free.  So, take a minute and set up one ID with your name, either first and last, or first initial and last name.  Do NOT use the email address googley_bear, or mistrixofdarkness or anything that is less than what you would like people to call you at work.  

Please, please, please be sure that the contact information on the resume’ is current and correct.  I know every one of us has a resume’ saved on our computer, and it’s easy to just pull up, update with latest work experience, print and go.  But please be sure that your address and phone number is correct.  If they are not, and you notice this after you print it, DO NOT cross it out and hand write the correct information on there.  It takes 30 seconds to update it, save it, and print it again.  Done.

Same goes for work experience.  Update it on the computer BEFORE you print it.  Do NOT hand write the information on there.  It looks tacky, and it looks like you don’t proof read things before you print them (why? B/c you obviously don’t).  What does that say about your attention to detail?  Not much.

Now, some of you are looking for a new job, while currently employed.  Who among us hasn’t done that?  Fine. Be discrete. Do it on your lunch, on your break.  But please, for the love of $$, do not use your current work email address as a contact email address on your resume.  Don’t you guys know that everything sent while at work, is legally the property of your employer?  They can access your email accounts (especially ones they have set up for you, provided for you) without your knowledge and without your permission.  Do you really want them to know that not only are you looking for a new job, you’re doing it on their time, using their email address?  Uh, no.

Kid you not, I saw all of this on resume’ s of people they DIDN’T consider for the job. I wonder why?

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