Monday, November 27, 2006

Random thoughts

Happy Birthday (?) ah, maybe Happy Anniversary, yeah, that's it. It's now 2:40 pm, CST, and that means that 2 months ago today, I was getting out of B's car, and walking into his place of employment, with my newly aquired hair do, thanks to Batman. I was getting ready to introduce him to his 'new' girlfriend, who was completely and totally head over heels in love with her new hair and totally besotted (yeah, new word, no one uses it any more...) with her man who would do something as totally wonderful as this. In case you're wondering (and I know you're not) I am still in love with my hair, yes it looks a little like Nicole Richie's but it also looks like Jessica Simpson's new do. And yes, I'm still, 2 months later, amazed, blown away, and still eternally grateful that B would do something like this for me.

Today's Horoscope: Something that seems settled suddenly changes direction, but there's no need to worry. This is just a small detour before everything gets back on track. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the scenery on the ride.

Anyone care to comment on that one? Something that seems settled, suddenly changes direction, but there's no need to worry. OK, something that seems settled....Batman seems pretty settled into this Cone of Silence he's entered into in regards to me lately. Does anything else seem settled in my life? Hell no. ...suddenly changes he going to pick up the phone and call me? (Did hell freeze over and I missed the memo?) No need to worry. Hell, who's worried?

It's a horoscope, generated by Yahoo, of all people. I don't take it too seriously, and I sure as hell don't plan my life around it. But I'll keep the phone on and close at hand all night.....Just in case.....

Stay tuned for further updates...

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