Friday, November 17, 2006

Funny how life works

About a month ago was Boo's birthday. I called him to wish him a Happy Birthday. Hey, we're still friends. He has known about Batman from the very beginning, so there was nothing off kilter about me calling to wish him a Happy Birthday.

At the time he told me he was leaving in a few short days to go home. And by home he meant, home to Jordan. I was/am excited for him, he needed to go. He hadn't been home in over 10 years. I was thrilled he had actually found the time and the $$ to go.

I found out today, through the internet grapevine (email) that he should be returning to the States and back to work next week. The rumor running rampant around my former place of employment is that Boo went home to find himself a wife, and had been sucessful. Only Hondo would think you could go home for a few weeks and find a wife. A wife? Find a woman, and wine/dine her and convince her to marry him, AND move half way around the world, to a new country where she knows no body at all, all in a month's time. Boo was charming, but not THAT charming.

I know that Boo has a tendency to exagerate a LOT, and I tend to believe that is the case here too. Although, knowing Boo like I do, it would not surprise me in the least if he does come home with a wife. But you have to understand, Boo is the man who has spent many an hour on the internet searching for a Bride. (Usually on Ebay. Yeah, classy).

Guess he just couldn't handle the reality that his beloved Jacy had gotten married this year, and is now expecting her first child (not his) and that I had found my love of my life, and he was single without any prospects on the horizon. He apparently had had his fill of American woman, or he had to go 'HOME' to find someone who didn't know him the way I do.

Either way, I wish him luck. I hope, if all of this is true, that it is every thing he hopes and wants it to be. It's possible that he found his soul mate, after all, I found mine and knew within a week or 2. Anything is possible. Even Boo getting married.

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