Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thank you!!!!!

My friend M is the best. I raved about her a couple of posts ago, and I’m going to rave about her again today.

She may act tough as nails on the outside, but inside, where it counts, she understands love, romance, sentimental crap. She laughs at me sometimes, but she gets me, and she’s there for me.

I am working on some projects at home, that have to do with my photography, with Batman, and music. I am tapping into a creative vein I didn’t know I had. (Scary). I needed a soundtrack from this summer. I found all the songs I wanted, got the music together, and went to burn the CD only to discover much to my utter horror, the PC at work does NOT have a CD burner! WTF? It’s a god-damn Dell computer. You know, with Intel Inside? Yeah, Intel may be in there, but CD burner, nope, not there. DAMN.

So, I explain the entire situation to M, and she comes through for me. She gets all the music together for me and burns me the CD I need to complete the project I have in process at home. She knows what it’s for, she knows the story and the need behind it, and the mushy sentimental stuff behind it. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t tell me it’s not a good idea, she knows why, she gets why, and she understands.

I’ve told her a HUNDRED times Thank you, today, but I will say it again, here. Thank you M for not laughing, for understanding, and for feeding my need to wallow in memories for a little while longer. Thank you for being honest, telling me what you think, and what I know in my head, but my heart doesn’t want to hear. Thank you for not offering me false hope, or for feeding my false hopes. Thanks for seeing what I think I see, when it’s really there, and thanks for telling me “I just don’t see it” when it’s not. Thanks for being in my corner, in our corner. Thanks for being our friend, even though you’ve never laid eyes on Batman. I know he considers you a friend still too.

Thank you for the help with the CD. I will share the finished project with you, when it’s done. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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