Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I hate 13

Love is hard sometimes. It shouldn’t be, but sometimes it is. It’s really hard when you’re 13. Witness the drama that unfolded in my house last night….

I got home around 5:15-ish last night. Not late, by any means. When I got home, Bo was talking on his cell phone, and had been for almost an hour. I had some issues with that, (his chores weren’t done) but since one of the ‘demands’ in his father’s motion to modify was that I have no say over Bo’s phone usage, I let it slide. Let him see just how much his son would be on the phone, if left to his own devices.

He was apparently on the phone with his *new* girlfriend. Who happens to be in 9th grade (Bo’s in 7th) and has never laid eyes on my son. Her little sister is in Bo’s class. I have issues with this right off the bat. What does a 9th grader want with my son, whom she has never seen?

I did tell him he needed to get off the phone and do his chores. He hung up with her, and kid you not, hussy calls back 3 minutes later. When he doesn’t answer the phone, she hangs up and *immediately* calls right back, so I answer the phone.

Is Bo there?
Put him on the phone
Uh, I don’t think so, he can’t talk right now
When can he talk?
When I say he can.
Well tell him L called.
Oh, he knows.

In the next 90 minutes, the hussy calls my son no less than 14 times. He does not answer the phone b/c he’s eating dinner, taking a shower, doing the dishes. I tell him he can call her back after his shower. That’s when the real fun began.

He spends the next hour or so on the phone with her, listening to her chew his butt for not answering the phone when she calls, and threatening to ‘break up’ with him because of it. Oh, hell no. That hussy is not going to talk to my son like that. Who the hell does she think she is? So, I get on the phone with her.

Listen here, this is Bo’s mom, and you will not talk to my son that way. He has a life and responsibilities around this house that come before talking to you. You can leave him a message if he doesn’t answer and he’ll call you back when he can, but you will not control him like this.

After that little conversation with the psycho, she tells my son, “If your mother talks to me like that again, it’s over between us.” My son, who at this point has lost his mind, comes into my bedroom and tells me this. I simply say…’Hand me the phone.’

Instead, I call his father and get him involved. Maybe he can get through to our son, how completely insane this is. Uh, wrong. He’s pissed off that Bo’s been on the phone for over 2 hours tonight and has burned through over 120 minutes and jacked up the phone bill. (Uh, that’s what you get for telling me I can’t control his phone usage. You get outrageous phone bills. Wanna rethink that little demand you put in those papers? Yeah, I thought so.) He calls Bo, and starts to chew his ass (about the phone bill, not the psycho) and I can hear him yelling from another room. I go into Bo’s room to see what’s going on, only to find…(drum roll please…) Bo asleep with the phone on the nightstand, his father screaming his head off. Christ.

So, today, Bo will be given a different phone. One with no number pad on it, so he is limited to only calling preprogrammed phone numbers, and the phone will not accept any incoming calls from numbers not programmed in it. That solves the phone bill issue, but it does nothing to solve the girlfriend/boyfriend issue. The psycho girlfriend will be kicked to the curb today, but how do you explain to your 13 year old son that all that went on last night, was unacceptable? Poor kid, I’m telling this psycho hussy off, and he’s utterly mortified, and then apologizes to her for my behavior? Oh, wrong, wrong, wrong.

He doesn’t have to put up with that, and he sure as hell shouldn’t be begging her to not break up with him. He was all but begging her to stick around and abuse him some more. Oh, believe me, I can understand that, I can relate, I’ve been there. But it breaks my heart to see it in my son. It’s even more frustrating when his father completely misses the point of the whole situation.

I’ll let dad handle the phone bill issue. That seems to be the only problem he grasped out of the whole situation. I’ll deal with the more important issue, the emotional issue, the self esteem issue. God help us all.

ETA: His father just called, Bo has apparently used 400 minutes in 4 days. Hussy called and left a message for Bo "Hey Bo, It's over. If you want to know why, call me." His father said, don't even think about it. Christ the drama.


Anonymous said...

Oh My God! You tell that boy that he never has to deal with that kind of shit. He needs to always try and stay in control. WOMEN ARE EVIL! And apparently much more so at 13.


B.R.M said...

I am the mother of a 13 year old girl. I know how cruel they can be. I have already told her she better not ever treat boys shabbily. I am also the mother of an 8 year old boy-I shudder at the thought of girls calling him. My daughter cannot call boys. They have to call her. So in turn, girls will not be able to call my son, he will have to call them.