Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a day....

I know it’s the day before Thanksgiving, so people are busy, either at work, tying up loose ends for the long weekend, or already at home, preparing the feast for tomorrow. That leaves me, bored and alone at work. No one is sending emails, chatting, blogging, it’s dead. It’s a catch up day here at the office, but since this is still just a temp gig for me, there’s nothing for me to do other than open mail (done) and answer the phone should it ever ring.

I brought a book to work to read, and it’s a good book, but you know, it just doesn’t have the personal interaction email and yahoo IM have. Oh, I know, it’s not anyone’s job out there in cyber space (does anyone use that term any more?) to entertain me. I’m just trying to avoid the holiday hum drums that come from knowing tomorrow everyone has plans with family and loved ones, and well, my family is busy, and my loved one is, well, you know, he’s…well, whatever.

Boring, slow work days make for long work days. Having no one to chat with, nothing to do makes it even longer…

Hope everyone is having a better day, more exciting day today than I am (and who wouldn’t be?) and hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day tomorrow.

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Sharon said...

Unfortunately, we were very, very busy this morning, but I'd already made arrangements to take the afternoon off so that made it a really short day.

Hope you survived.

A good book always helps, but you're right, isn't the same as someone to play with online.