Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Addicted to tanning

I'm watching the news the other night, and they pop up with one of those teasers, you know right before they go to commercial? "Is is possible you're addicted to tanning?"

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Is that possible?

Turns out, it is. A new study shows people who use tanning beds could become addicted to the ultraviolet rays. Wake Forest University researchers say frequent tanners experience a high similar to drugs like heroin. They are claiming now that the ultraviolet rays cause the body to produce and release endorphins, causing the tanner to experience a 'high' similar to heroin.

I seriously thought it was just my mood, my self image, my ego if you will that made me feel better after tanning. Uh, apparently not. Apparently there is some fact behind my feeling better after I tan.

Does this change anything for me? Uh, nope. I'll still be laying in a bed 3-4 times a week. But I'll look good, and apparently I'll feel good too. LOL

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