Wednesday, January 24, 2007

But That's Gross!

God Lord above what a morning today has been.

My mornings are never quiet peaceful times, no matter how early I get up. Today, it was 4:30 (big brewing's going on today, too excited to sleep, will share later). Got a pot of coffee started, and got in the shower. All is good.

Start to get dressed, and there is where the hold ups start. What to wear today. Something cute, something dressy, something warm, something not completely covered up looking like a berka. Pants and sweater? Nah, I've worn them too many times. Something new, something different. Skirt and sweater? Cool, long or short? Obviously long (warmer) Black or brown? Brown. My new 'Go to' ensemble. The one I get so many complements on. Bingo. Perfect.

I'm doing my hair, when the girls have to get up. Newt is always up first, Tate lollygags around, until I've yelled 3 times. I'm thinking today should be an easy day for them. They go to Slug's tonight so they have to wear Dad's clothes. Should be no arguments there. And that's where I went wrong. Should be, and reality are always a world apart.

I'm finishing my hair, and make up, I've changed clothes 4 times, I'm gathering up all I'm going to need today, and later tonight, and trying to get the girls to get dressed. And Newt is crying, whinning, and throwing a fit.

What's the matter now?
Sister is wearing the same socks she wore yesterday.
OK, so why are you crying?
Because it's gross! They're dirty, she shouldn't be wearing them!
Ok, but they are her nasty socks, on her nasty feet in her nasty shoes....
But it's still gross.
I agree, but it's not hurting you. It's her feet, babe, let it go.

Then I realize I've got movies to return. So now I've got to leave earlier than I had planned. And I've still got crying Newt pissed off and grossed out by Tate's nasty feet and socks. Load everyone up in the van, out the door. Drop the movies off, and head out to school. Still about the socks....let it go.

I love my girls, and I'm sure I'll be glad someday that Newt is so worried about cleanliness. I'm sure I'll wish she was as worried about her own as she is about her sister's, but I can't pick every battle.

I'm just glad they'll be at Slug's tonight. Let him sort that mess out. Sheesh

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