Monday, January 22, 2007

Laughs from a Gmail Chat Covo today

My friend lilcali2mama and I were chatting today about guys in general and a few in our lives in particular.

We have decided that because C1 was in the Air Force, and because of this shit he tried to put in the new modification, we should change his name to Major Asshole. Captain Shit for brains would be good too. Although both names are being overly generous. In reality, he never ranked more than Sgt Fucktard. So, C1 will be getting a new moniker on this blog, please vote for your favorite. Or if you have another one, please offer suggestions. The winner will be announced later this week.

We have also decided that he suffers from RDD, Reality Deficit Disorder. I thought he could take the short bus to a nice little place the rest of us like to call reality since he's really never been there, but lilcali said that he can't get out of his stretch limo to Loserville.

We have a new phrase for men who have *ahem* shortcomings.... His package was a few stamps short of deliverable or a few stamps short of enough postage to deliver.

Yeah, you can tell it's Monday, and well, it's good to be back at work, and online again.

Don't Forget to vote!


Dixie said...

Shit for brains gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

Private Piss Off.