Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just ask, I'll tell

I have hit the proverbial Blog writers Brick wall, and am coming up totally dry, empty, I got nothing to blog about.

I have several new readers, (Love you guys, bring your friends) and I'm sure they haven't spent hours just pouring over the riviting archives that is the past year or so of my life. (I don't blame you, really).

So, I thought I would open the floor to all my readers and entertain questions. Ask anything you would like to know, I'll answer as best, and as honestly as I can. I'll post questions and answers here.

Who has the first question?


lilcali2mama said...

*raises hand* I've got the first question:

Why do you call Batman Batman?

Silent One ~D~ said...

Waves hello!

Loved your comment on Stacy's blog (Peanut Queen) ummm... the one about divorcing your husband cuz it got in the way of his dating... Great way to put it!

Read a few of your posts...
Will be back to read more!

What is your count down for? Starting over ... as in how?

Dixie said...

Oooh this is hard.

I just started reading you, so I really have no idea on what to ask you. The one I would have asked has already been asked. Dang.

Let me think.

Dixie said...

If you could do one thing, for someone else that would change their life for the better, who would it be and what would you change?