Monday, January 15, 2007

My Weekend.

So, how do plans to spend a wonderful weekend full of wicked debaucery wearing nothing more than a smile, disappear in less than 24 hours? Let me tell you. Dad gets sick, a sinus infection returns, and Mother Nature is a cruel bitch. Period.

My weekend, such as it was, was so not everything I had wanted it to be. It wasn't anything like Batman had hoped either.

Thursday I get an email from him "May have to cancel this weekend, Dad is in the hospital. I'll let you know." I love his dad, and so this is a double whammy of bad news. Friday night is out of the question, maybe Saturday and Sunday, let's see what the doctors say.

Friday rolls around, and Mother Nature takes a swing at me. Yeah, the rain starts, and the temperatures fall, and jumpingelmoeatingcheesecake, another god damned winter storm. What is this, a conspiracy? Well, let's see what happens today and tonight. Maybe tomorrow still. I'll call you.

Saturday morning dawns. I'm up, showered, packed, loaded up. I venture out to the parking lot, where there is some ice covering my vehicle, but the ground is covered with sleet, not a solid sheet of ice. Great! There's hope! Awesome. I get in the van, start it up, let it warm up, clear all the ice off of it, and load up my suitcase and shit. And wait. And wait. I call B, no answer. Leave a message. And wait. I actually drive into town, just to check out the road conditions, and yeah, they're clear. No problem at all. Wahoo! I'm going, just need to find out when. The phone rings. "It's not a good weekend. We've got 2 inches of ice here, the roads are a mess, and I'm getting my sinus infection back. I'm sick as a dog (and he was) and it's just not a good weekend. I promise we will get together. Just not this weekend."

So, I call mom to see if I can hang out at her place, use the Internet, and watch cable, and basically keep myself entertained so that I don't think about the plans that just went up in flames (or down in ice and snot....whatever). "You can't get up here. The roads are terrible. We have ice everywhere, and they haven't touched the roads. We're shut down, completely."

Great. Someone out there just has it in for me, big time, and I'm not very happy at this point. Mother nature has a sick twisted sense of humor, dumping this second winter storm on us, and making sure it hits everywhere I want to be, leaving me the one person able to get out with no where I can go.

Batman did tell me, "This weekend sure as hell didn't play out the way I had hoped and was planning for it to." Yeah, tell me about it.

I fucking hate winter.

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