Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Stalki...uh...Surfing

I am totally blog surfing (stalking, lurking whatever you want to call it) today. I have a rather long list of blogs I love to read daily over there on my side bar. Sure, take a minute, go check it out, go visit a few. I'll wait.

Yeah, pretty cool places huh? I like them. Some of them I even consider friends.

So, today I found a few more places I really like. Now, mind you, I haven't formally introduced myself to these people just yet, so don't show up on their doorsteps announcing "We're here for the party!" like a bunch of goobers. At least be cool about it and bring some beer. I knew ya would.

Go check out Steve Stacy Steph (Oh shit, I didn't realize they all start with 'S', crazy, huh?)

Go check 'em out. They grabbed my attention, and I'll be going back to read more.

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