Monday, January 29, 2007

I popped two cherries this weekend

Does anyone really use that phrase any more?

It was a weekend of firsts for me this weekend. (OK, just 2)

Batman came to spend the weekend, (more on that, maybe, in a bit) and we had a wonderful time. I won't go into the nitty gritty details of the weekend, but it was....nice. It was more than nice. It was a whole lot of what I wanted, and had hoped for, and yet it was different than before. But I knew it would be, and I expected it to be, and well, I can accept what it was, and what it wasn't.

Saturday we drove to The Lake which is a crazy thing to do this time of the year. There is nothing going on there right now, except a whole lot of cold. Believe it or not there were a couple of boats out on the water. The Lake isn't a bad trip, if you want to go shopping, or you have a house there, or friends who have a house, or it's not winter and there is stuff to do. This time of year, there's nothing doing. But Batman had been cooped up inside his house for close to a month (yeah, sick, cold, remember all that shit?) so he was glad to be out, doing something.

While we were there, we drove past a Starbucks. I mentioned I had never been to a Starbucks. Still a Starbucks virgin. He was determined to change that. (Guys are always determined to get a girl's virginity). We stopped, and I chickened out. I ordered something I knew I could order correctly, without looking like a total Starbucks illiterate. I ordered a Grande Chai Tea Latte. (which btw, if very, very good). He, of course, got a grande double chocolate chip mocha frapichino. (gets his chocolate and his caffine fix all at once).

I am no longer a Starbucks Virgin.

Saturday night, looking for something to do, since some pseudo plans we had fell through, we decided to go to a club in CoMo. But not just any club, B wanted to go to a 'gentleman's club'. Yeah, you guessed it. A strip club. Actually, he was looking for a lesbian bar, but I vetoed that, (mainly b/c I don't have a clue where one is) and convinced him a strip club would be just as much fun. (I'd never been to a strip club, but I at least knew where one was).

We ended up at Club Vogue which is apparently under new management since the previous owner was such a stand up guy. You could tell, that even though the name was still the same, this was virtually a new club. There wasn't much of a crowd (but to be fair, we were there really early) and that was just fine with me.

The girls left something to be desired, and I can only hope their performances improved as the crowd grew bigger as the night wore on. I don't know. But it was interesting. The girls would dance on the stage, and even though Batman was right up at the stage, they wouldn't exactly dance for him, they kept looking back at me. Finally I just went up there with him, and told one of the girls, "Look, it's ok, dance for the man" and then I sat with him, yes, at the stage. I'm sure the other guys in the club were hoping she would dance for me. But I thought that's just one show I'm not willing to give them. It was a fun night, not all that we had expected or hoped, but it was a good starter trip for me. Apparently the clubs in Illinois are much better, bigger, more dancers, more risque, and now that I know what to expect, I expect we'll be making a trip to one or two of those sometime.

So, I am no longer a strip club virgin either.

(this post should show up on a few Google searches, doncha think?)


Dixie said...

When I lived in Florida, I had stripper friends, and they would give me money for drinks and tips to come to the club and tip them, because it got them even more tips from men when they saw a chic tipping them. Men.

ajooja said...

I went to my first strip club Saturday night too. Pretty good night.

Anonymous said...

Uh are without a doubt a girl whose fun and charming to be around.


Manic Mom said...

I have been to a few strip clubs and even spanked some girl's ass.

At some cheesy other strip club, my friend and I chatted up the stripper girls, asking them all sorts of Qs. This was a more lower class place.

It's a fun thing to do and fun to be able to say you've done it!

As for starbucks--I was a V until a couple years ago, and then it still took me about a year until I figured out how to order what I wanted without looking like an idiot.

I really like your blog, am intrigued about the story of you and Batman, and hope to find more time to read.

I notice you have me linked, thanks for that--but you hadn't commented much cuz this is the first I found you! (Unless you changed your blog template and little picture, which now that I think about it, I think you did!)

Blogger said...

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