Friday, January 19, 2007

New Question and Answer.

Dixie has asked me “If you could do one thing, for someone else that would change their life for the better, who would it be and what would you change?”

Damn. That’s tough. There are so many people I would do things for. I don’t know that I could pick just one person to do one thing for.

I think if I could, I would give everyone I know peace in their lives. We are all fighting our own personal battles. Some are bigger than others, some are harder than others, some have taken longer than others, but we all face our own personal demons. If I could give anyone anything to make their life better, I would want to give them the strength and the courage they need to fight those battles, and to win.

I’ve had to stand up and face a lot of demons this past year. I have also had to stand up and take responsibility for the power those demons held in my life. I allowed them that power, I gave them that power. I had to take a stand and take back my life. I had to take back the power I had given them. Not an easy thing to do.

I know that I have friends out there who have given away their power too, maybe without realizing it, and they are fighting personal demons in their lives. I don’t claim to have the answers, I don’t claim to have won every battle. I just know how good it feels to win one, and to know I have people supporting me every step of the way.
I would give that to everyone I know. The strength to face what life throws at them, the courage to fight for what they want, need and believe in, the joy of the victory, and the support of friends and family.


ajooja said...

Wow. Nice post. I feel the same way.

I've been through some real shit this year, and I don't know how I would have made it through without my wife and friends.

Dixie said...

Great answer!!

Have you read Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw? Very good book. Talks alot about how it's your decision on how your life turns out. Not to just go with the flow. Which was how I was living my life, but I've decided to take control myself. I loved it.

So kuddos to you hun, for taking the reins!