Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Helping out a fellow blogger

I am all for helping other people out, especially in blogland central. So, when I heard about Sugarmama's Going out of business sale, I wanted to pass the word on to my readers too.

Sugarmama and her best friend started their own business, Intimate Pursuits, 5 years ago. They saw time spent at home with kids and family, and money on the side. What they didn't count on was (to quote her) their "Pangs of greed". The more money they made the more they wanted. Once you get used to the money, it's hard to not have it.

The business took away from their families, unlike what they had hoped it would do (give them more time to spend with their families) and well, now they just want out. So, they are selling everything.

Go check out her blog, check out her Going out of business sale. If we can help out a fellow blogger, great. If we can get some goodies in the process, Awesome.

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