Friday, January 5, 2007

Screwed up almost beyond hope

The saga of TD and my ex BIL continues....

Just to catch everyone up to speed my ex BIL was convicted of Sexual Misconduct and Asault for inappropriately touching his teen age step daughter (TD). He served 30 days in jail, is on probation, and has to register as a sex offender. (See here)

He can not live in the same house as TD, in fact he can not be around anyone under the age of 18 unless he is supervised by a court approved supervisor. His entire family has to go through training to become these court approved supervisors. It is a 12 week course.

In the meantime, his wife (TD's mother) is still married to him, and sticking with him. She's not going to leave him. In fact, TD is moving out of the house so that X-BIL can come home. Her (TD's) choice? Not entirely. Is X-SIL stupid to chose her man over her daughter? Oh without a doubt. But I'm sure she's chosing his paycheck over her daughter, and in her mind that makes it ok.

TD is dating. (I guess that's what she's doing). OK, she's seeing, messing around with, knocking boots with, bumping uglies with a new guy. Who is 29. Uh, since TD isn't yet 17, that still makes it all illegal. Are they going after this guy? I mean, they went after X-BIL, why not go after this numb-nuts? It's just as wrong for him as it was for X-BIL.

Apparently they are, or at least there is talk of it.

Here's the deal though. TD is just crying out for attention. X-BIL(J) and X-SIL(K) both left their daughters at home alone, more often than they were home with them. J and K both worked 2 jobs, and as much OT as they could. They were driven by the almighty dollar and the fancy toys the dollar could buy. The girls were left at home alone. A lot. They wanted attention, they needed attention and affection. They needed their parents. I told J and K once, those girls will find the attention and the affection they need and are not getting from you. I promise you, you won't like where they find it.

I was right. TD isn't in love with this guy, or any other guy in her world. She is just starved for affection and attention. She's been ignored most of her life, and well, she's looking for love in all the wrong places. Even now, no one is paying attention to her, at least no one in her family. They are still all too willing to throw her under the bus, and protect X-BIL.

I knew this family was dysfunctional, that's another reason I left. It's screwed up, beyond belief. I'm out of there, my girls are out of there. I only hope TD and her younger sister get out of there still somewhat whole, and they get the help they are going to so desperately need.

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Oh boy - that's ugly. Tres tres ugly.