Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My horoscope for today

It’s a myth that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Actually, lightning strikes twice all the time. You’ll experience multiple bolts from the blue in the form of inspirations that take you to the next level.
The dark days of the past are not going to come back to haunt you, so why are you afraid to start down a new path? There is a fresh idea coming into your life, and it will be burning brightly, illuminating the way forward – and showing you that you have nothing to fear. This is a time to trust other people, because they honestly do want the best for you. Your instincts have never let you down before, and they certainly aren’t going to today.

That’s my horoscope for today. I could write a really lengthy post about it, but hell, I’ve been a blabbermouth all day today, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

The dark days of the past are not going to come back and haunt me. Tomorrow I will be free from him. I will be starting down a new path, full of hope, and promise.

There will be new fresh ideas coming into my life, showing me the way to go, leading me down the path the universe has laid out before me.

Trust other people because they want what’s best for me. I have put my faith and trust in several other people along this journey, and they have led me where I need to be.

My instincts have never let me down before, and they certainly aren’t going to today. I had a long conversation with Batman last night, about the future, both the immediate near future, and the distant future. The whole conversation had a very hopeful promising feel to it. I am sure of several things, if only in my heart and soul. But my instincts have always been dead on when it comes to B, and I have no reason to think otherwise of them now.

If this is a dream, let me never wake. If I am awake, then let my dreams be as true as this.

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Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

You know, I just realized that these horoscopes you post are my horoscopes, too. We share astrological sign (cancer) and zodiac year (monkey). I am so happy you posted this because it helps me feel comfortable with the way my life with NS is progressing, helps lessen the fears I have of the dark days coming back.