Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Home Again


That is home, well, sort of.

That's Batman's home.
That is the balcony I stood on this summer and realized I was home.

This was my safe haven this summer. When my life was crazy and out of control, it was here that I could relax, and breathe. I could let go of the insanity, and I could just be. It was here that I would come to recharge my batteries, to heal my heart and soul. It was here that I was reborn. It was here that I found my true worth, my true strength, my true love. It was on this balcony that I finally saw my life for what it was, a train wreck. It was here that I finally truly saw that no matter what the courts said, my life still wasn't mine to live how I wanted. I wasn't free. It was here, that I discovered I needed to free myself and my girls from the tenticles of the past. It was here that I found the strength and courage to fight to free myself and my girls from the force of evil that is their father. It was here that I began to finally claim the whole of my life as my own.

It hasn't been home to me for a while, but it will be home again. I can feel it in my heart and soul. Things in my life are coming around full circle. I will stand on that balcony again, with a cup of coffee, and watch the sun come up to start a new day in my life. MY LIFE. Mine.

Home. More than a building, it is the family inside, the love, the acceptance. The people in this house, are home to me, they are family. They are my support and encouragement. There is love and laughter in abundance in this house. There is happiness and joy and acceptance. I was/am only truly alive and completely happy when I was there. I will be again.

I know in my heart of hearts, in my deepest soul, I will go home again. Soon. I will have traveled the path set before me, and I will have faced the demons that were haunting me. They will soon lay dead at my feet. I will step over them, and start my journey home.

Soon. I will be going home.

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