Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear Electric Company that just told me it could be hours before we have power again at home,

Uh, have you heard a weather forcast today? Yeah, it's COLD outside, and no electricity means NO HEAT!


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Laci said...

Here's my letter to a St. Louis based electric co.

Dear Assholes,
Your fucking pole fell across my driveway making me late for work today. And the fact that you send someone out about 45 minutes after the phone call was made was greatly appriciated, however the fact that you assholes claim that the pole that fell is MY property is not appriciated. How can someone OWN a telephone pole that has electric lines?? That is the stupidest thing that I have every heard! No wait, the second stupidest thing that I have heard the first would have to be you telling me that it would cost me $1,000.00 to put a new fucking pole up. And that we would have to hire an electrician to do the wiring. What the fuck kind of shit is that??

Laci Greer

P.S. Because I had to fork out $1,000.00 plus the fee for an electrician don't be surprised if the fucking electric payment is late.