Friday, January 5, 2007

Looking out for me.

Ok, I wasn't going to post about this, but it cracked me up, so I'm gonna share.

Batman has said that he's coming up tonight, to spend the night. (The weekend, next weekend has been postponed, long story, have EW to thank for that) So, I thought for sure I'd hear something from him today...a few flirty emails, some thing.

But NNNNNNOOOOOOO. It's been dead silence. And I've been driving MS insane with worrying about it.

So, finally there's an email from him. "It's been crazy around here I will call you later." and I told MS I got an email from her.

Her response? "That better mean while he's driving up here. "

That's my girl! Always looking out for me! Thanks MS!! (and yes, you're right, that beter mean while he's driving up here.)

And speaking of looking out for me, I was exchanging emails with Sudiegirl (who has an amazing blog btw, go check her out) and I was making the observation that I seem to have an every expanding audience. And should things not work out for Batman and me, then Batman had better run hide, because there will a large gathering of my readers out for his hide.

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Anonymous said...

You so silly.