Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where did Batman get his name?

Lilcali2mama has asked the first question: Why do you call Batman Batman?

Batman and I met on line, and he lives almost 2 hours away from me. We would chat on line a lot during the day, and at night, but there were times neither of us were near a computer, or we just wanted to talk, so we would call each other. (obvious, I know)

We would talk for hours. Seriously, hours, about everything, and nothing. Free nights and weekends are nice, but sometimes you just want to talk to that special someone during the day. In the first week after we met, we had burned through over 1000 minutes, and we were going through his roll-over minutes, and my cell phone bill was out of this world. (we weren't using the same provider)

So, two weeks after we met, he just added me to his phone plan, and got me a phone. Now we could talk to each other all day, every day whenever we wanted for FREE! And free is always good. I joked that I had never had my own personal hotline before. And he said, something about well, now you have a Batphone. I can call you whenever.

And since it was the Batphone, he obviously became Batman.


lilcali2mama said...'re gonna make me cry! That's cute :)

Chickie said...

Heh, I'd been wondering about Batman's moniker too. What a cute story!