Friday, January 5, 2007

My Magic 8 Ball

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Ok, I have something going on (or not) in my life in the next 24 hours. The plan is for it to happen, but there is always the possiblitly it will be postponed. So, to calm my nerves I went to the Magic 8 Ball I have on my Google Homepage and asked it a couple of questions.

Questions like "Will it really happen tonight?" The all knowing Magic 8 ball answered "Without a doubt". Another question along the lines of "Will I get all I wanted tonight?" and the Magic 8 ball answered with "Outlook Good"

So, if the Magic 8 ball says that it's all good, it has to be all good right? I mean, they didn't sell a bagillion Magic 8 balls that LIE, now did they?

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Anonymous said...

And again I say Becky......Becky......Becky come back!